Recordings of presentations
  • Gizmodo on 2013 SY99
  • Asteroid (10463) Bannister
  • Beyond Pluto: New Horizons probe aims for another unseen world. New Scientist, 18 Nov 2015.
  • CFAX 1070 interview on observing colours of icy worlds from Maunakea, and various space topics.
  • CFAX 1070 interview on salts from brines discovered on Mars.
  • CFAX 1070 interview on new Pluto images on the Ian Jessop Show.
  • CFAX 1070 interview on the Perseid meteor shower with Al Ferraby
  • CFAX 1070 half-hour interview on the Pluto flyby on the Ian Jessop Show.
  • Interview on the Pluto flyby, Radio New Zealand's This Way Up, 18 July 2015. Interview featured on the front page of Radio New Zealand.
  • Not bad for a dwarf planet.The Wireless, Radio New Zealand, 16 July 2015.
  • Made-in-Victoria mapping system helps get to the heart of Pluto.Times Colonist, 15 July 2015.
  • Universe Today discusses our CSS/SSS survey, 12 Jan 2015
  • What’s Next for Space Exploration?, 20 Nov 2014.
  • These Are Some of the Solar System’s Biggest Surprises National Geographic's "No Place Like Home", 27 March 2014.
  • Interview with podcast Smart Enough to Know Better. Episode 60.
  • Interview with podcast Smart Enough to Know Better. Episode 76.
  • Shiny space rock dazzles astronomers. ABC Science News, 17 June 2010.
  • Stromlo scientists get role in Chile scope (video). UC School of Journalism, 18 August 2009.
  • Specola Vaticana (50 MB m4a). Cartolina (Società Dante Alighieri Christchurch), 96.9 FM, 3 October 2007.
  • Dry Valleys. Our Changing World, Radio New Zealand National, 1 February 2007.